Affiliate work is the most consistent form of voiceover work in the industry today!  keep working!

Module 1:
how to market to tv stations. 
how to access a database of 1,000 tv station management email addresses.
(this is the same database agents use.)

 how to get started in Tv Affiliate voiceover TODAY!
Taught by an industry expert, Aaron is a leading 
TV affiliate voiceover talent and former TV news anchor.

how to access a database of over 1,000 TV stations with e-mail contacts.
how to market to TV stations.
what to put on an affiliate demo.
what books with TV stations.

and so much more....
Module 2: 

how to make an affiliate demo.
what to put on your affiliate demo.
what is a topical, open, promo, brander.
who and what is a creative service director.
what to charge a tv station based on market size.
current rates.
how to make a contract for the tv station to sign.

Bonus - limited time 

includes 1 hour of affiliate coaching one on one with aaron.   
a $250.00 value.