Hailed as voiceovers most versatile voice, Aaron Brillhart is a Southern California based 
national voice actor. Brillhart's versatile and unique ability allows him to change his voice several octaves in the same take.  Aaron Brillhart’s artful and imaginative use of his voice has earned him a reputation as one of the most versatile voice artists in the national scene. 

Brillhart studied under the late Sam Chwat, noted New York City speech therapist to Tom Hanks, 
Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Isabella Rossellini to further enhance his unique octave changing ability. Aaron continually exceeds expectations for producers, production / imaging staff, creative service departments, ad agencies and talent agents around the United States with his versatile style.

about aaron:
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Hobbies:   Fossil collecting, treasure hunting, hiking, bonsai, builder for Habitat for Humanity
Civil War antiques, web design
Homebase:   California
Most rewarding voiceover job  Voice of Kiva.org's campaign for Haiti earthquake relief
How long in voiceovers:   Started in 1999
Life philosophy  If you do the right things for the right reason, the right things will happen

One man, One million voices.  

voice actor / narrator
worldwide voice
 5-star customer service.   fast turn-around.