Meet Aaron:
Aaron is a network affiliate voice with the crazy ability 
to change his voice 4 octaves in the same take.

Aaron almost always rates high with (Magid/AR&D) in station image focus groups.
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Voiceovers Most Versatile Voice:
Aaron's unique vocal octave training with 
Sam Chwat, dialect coach to the stars
means extreme vocal versatility at your finger tips
for all your station imaging needs.  Hear how below:

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 all areas of  affiliate imaging.   topicals.  programming.  promos.  opens.
One man, One million voices.  

tv  a f f i l i a t e
Aaron Brillhart's     e x c l u s i v e
News Open
WGCL, CBS Atlanta
News Topical, Investigative
WNBC, New York
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News Image, Political
WFLD, Fox Chicago
News Image, Soft
KDVR, Fox Denver
Affiliate Programming - Various 
TBS, Atlanta,  Z-Cafe, India
News Image, Weather Soft 
WWJ, CBS Detroit 
News Image, Breaking News
SKY News, London

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